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Reviewed by Shakhawat Hossain on 27 Feb 2017
Bravo - 5 stars.
Reviewed by magic_logic on 18 Feb 2017
Amazingly well written. Ive used this for my school curriculum - rather to supplement it and I am glad I did so. The writing is lucid and the examples are well thought out.
Reviewed by fam_logic on 05 Feb 2017
Pros: Plenty of detail, great examples. Cons: The writing is all over the place. The author will start off one place, introduce a whole different topic, and then go back to the beginning. Sometimes when I don't understand something, I just read a few more pages in hopes that it'll come back to it.
Reviewed by mrk on 25 Jan 2017

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Fully updated for the new Java SE 6 platform, this no-nonsense tutorial and reliable reference illuminates the most important language and library features with thoroughly tested real-world examples. The example programs have been carefully crafted to be easy to understand as well as useful in practice, so you can rely on them as an outstanding starting point for your own code.